20th  World Soil Science Congress 2014, Jeju Korea

1 Ogunwole EtAl JatrophaCurcas BioDiesel Or Land Reclamation

2 Ogunwole EtAl Farming Practices And Local Perception Of Soils On The Highlands Of Ethiopia

4 Kirchhof Mullen Short Courses For Dryland Farming In Africa

6 Tian Nitrate Downward Movement In Agricultural Soil As Influenced By Biosolids

8 Kirchhof EtAl The Effect Of Reduced Tillage On Erosion In The North West Of Vietnam

9 Busari Salako Effect Of Tillage and Poultry Manure Application On Soil Infiltration Rate

Ogunwole EtAl Describing Spatial Process And Prediction Of SoilAggregate Stability At DifferentScales